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Planet Zoo offers a variety of game modes – and each one is special and challenging in its own way! But how about a new challenge that specifically targets your creative streak?

Welcome to the MINI ZOO Challenge! Imagine your mini zoo that you will build as a small world of your own. The rules define specific aspects that must be implemented. So creativity is needed not only here, but also in the way you will build your complete zoo. Which style, which buildings and which animals you want to use is up to you – or is it?

The goal of the whole thing is to have a long-running series of challenges which will take place regularly. The rules will be changed every time to keep it exciting!

The second challenge runs from Feb. 01 – March 28.

Want to join in? It’s worth it!

With the new challenge, the „Planet Zoo Bubble“ gets a new challenge and the many different building styles can be compared directly with each other… and even in a time-managed framework! Anyone can build big and time-consuming! 😉

This is what you can win

1st place20 Euro Steam credit

2nd place15 Euro Steam credit

3rd place10 Euro Steam credit

Place 4 to 10Random Steam Key

The Rulebook for the MINI ZOO Challenge Pt. 2

The first part of the MZC has clearly shown that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Of course, this leaves a lot of room for creative approaches. We’ve been up all night writing the new rules for Part 2 – and here they are:

The zoo’s motto: „Riverboat Tropical Zoo“

Mandatory buildings: Animal Rescue Center and Beach Bar

Freestyle building: Go wild, and mark it with a sign!
By the way, „freestyle“ means „free choice“ 😉

Build in the given map, using a max. zoo area of 24,000 square meters.
You can get the map here in the workshop:
Existing utensils, i.e. the „start building site“, may be deleted 😉

The zoo entrance, as well as the guest spawners may not be located at or outside the zoo boundary. These are to be built inside the zoo. Example: guests spawn in a building, such as a visitor center or a freestyle or mandatory building.

At least 7 enclosure animal species with at least 2 being pack or herd species. At least 2 exhibit-based animal species must be included.

All 7 biomes must be covered at least once by an animal. The available biomes are: Aquatic, Desert, Temperate, Grassland, Taiga, Tundra, Tropical. This handy tool can help you with that:

Each enclosure must be visible to visitors.

The animals must have an overall satisfaction score of at least 85%.

The „shelter“ score must be „100%“ in each enclosure.

The mini-zoo must have a minimum rating of four full stars at the end.

At least three special viewpoints must be built. For example you can build a small arena, a stage, a balcony and much more.

Using your own building plans is allowed, workshop building plans are forbidden.

Power generators and water treatment plants must be built. (no deactivation in the game options)

The needs of the visitors must be sufficiently met – the satisfaction must be at least 70%.

And one more request: track the building time… approximately! We will ask for that when you submit. 😉

Submission, evaluation and determination of the winners

Your zoo is built according to the rulebook, and you are confident in your building skills?

Perfect! Then here’s how it works:

1. Upload your zoo to the Steam Workshop and submit it via this form.

2. Join our Discord server to stay up to date, and follow Tommy on Twitter. On Discord, all submissions will be posted in Tommy’s „MINI ZOO“ thread.

3. Post a tweet and / or facebook post to nominate more Planet Zoo players. The tweet / post reads as follows… (just copy, paste, adapt and post):

I’m joining the #MiniZooChallenge by #EinfachTommy! I challenge @USERNAME and @USERNAME to participate in the challenge! Sharing and challenging others is encouraged! 🐵 Find more info here ►

Of course, for Instagram users, we also have a solution: simply post this image to your feed (downloadable from our Google Drive) and copy, adapt and paste the tweet text written above below the image.

Feel free to share the link and challenge friends! The important thing is to include the link and both hashtags #MiniZooChallenge and #EinfachTommy.

4. Watch the evaluation streams on EinfachTommyDE’s twitch. With a little luck, you’ll beat the other competitors with your building skills.

The jury consists of three impartial judges who will do the evaluation. EinfachTommyDE will only provide commentary and present the submitted zoos… the odd snappy remark is included.

The evaluation criteria are primarily based on the rules and regulations, but creative ideas also have a big influence.

Tip: Pay attention to the motto of the challenge and let your creativity run free!

Info: The main language of the evaluation streams is German, but the chat, as well as the jury will also comment in English. – We will do our best to make sure everyone understands us 😉

Addition to the set of rules / FAQ

All settings remain at default, concerning e.g. employee satisfaction. The only exceptions are the aging delay, and the visitor limit. These can be set to 5.0 and max. 500 visitors.

The map remains at the „hard“ difficulty level.

What is meant by pack/herd animals?
All animal types requiring at least 3 animals in their species‘ social group.

What is meant by compulsory and freestyle?
The compulsory buildings must be built. A freestyle building may not be a compulsory building, and thus represents another, third, building.

Can in-game building plans be used?
Yes! The rules state that you may not use workshop objects. However, in-game blueprints are allowed.

Can I build on multiple terrain levels (e.g. stack enclosures)?
Yes, that’s okay!

Can the Rescue Center contain an enclosure which is not visible to visitors?
No! According to the rules, every enclosure must be visible to visitors.

Stay tuned!

You will get all updates about the challenge via Tommy’s Twitter and via Tommy’s Discord-Server.

On our Discord, after defining your own interests (in this case „Planet Zoo“), you have access to all Planet Zoo threads. Feel free to join the discussion and exchange ideas.

If you have any questions, just write to Tommy!

We are very excited, look forward to lively participation and wish you happy creative building!